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We build trustworthy scalable applications and data infrastructures for business, government and education based on open-source software.


Based on the core principles of blockchain we developed our high performance open-source platform Validana as foundation for our apps.


Validana easily handles upwards of 1000 transactions / second and our infrastructure solutions are infinitely horizontally scalable.


We make use of well maintained open-source software and open standards to ensure your application performs in all scenarios.

Recent Projects

Together with our awesome clients we build innovative and think-outside-the-box solutions for challenging problems.

Accelerating the energy transition with insights from scalable big data

Together with Intergas we developed an interactive map of gas usage per neighborhood in the Netherlands. Combining over five years of historical data from Intergas with open data from the Dutch government we calculate an accurate gas energy score per hour and enable easy comparison of regions across time.

Making education future proof with BadgeCollect 

BadgeCollect makes it easy to issue trustworthy micro- credentials for achievements and skills. This open-source ecosystem is based on the Open Badges standard combined with the Validana blockchain. Various schools and companies in the Netherlands are already issuing badges and certificates to learners.

BadgeCollect website (NL)

Local energy trade with HanzeNet

By combining readily available hardware with our open-source Validana blockchain we enable appliance level real-time energy trading for consumers without a central energy provider.


We create powerful tools by combining open-source software that gets the job done. We specialize in scalable trustworthy applications and data infrastructures to provide real-time insight, compliance and integrity.


Validana is our own open-source high performance data integrity platform based on blockchain technology.


We create scalable infrastructures using Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and other well known open-source solutions.


We help you to get powerful insights from your data by combining it with other (open) data sources.


Our web applications make it easy to interact with your application from all devices and locations.

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Coinversable is based in Deventer, The Netherlands.

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